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Version 3. This form sends data to the underlying web-service. To call the service directly, either GET or POST (for sending large trees) the paramenters (named exactly as on this form, requirement as per italics) to https://phylodiversity.net/phylomatic/pmws. This is a new tool, so please let me know if it is not working, or if you have comments. Thanks to the NESCent PhyloTastic! hackathon for impetus and encouragement for upgrading.

tree = Mandatory option. Paste in your megatree here (<100kB)
treeuri = Mandatory option. URL of a tree online (<20MB)
storedtree = Mandatory option. Locally stored tree-of-trees megatrees, in newick format (citations)
informat = Mandatory. Either a single newick tree: (...);, or NeXML (sample)”

method = convert Mandatory. Convert an input format to an output format

method = phylomatic Mandatory. Graft your taxa into the megatree, and then prune the megatree to just your taxa
taxa = Dependent mandatory option. Slash-delimited node paths, with returns between each taxon (see phylomatic documentation, or sample). Please note: at the moment, using internal names (e.g. genera) in the megatree as terminal names in your input list will cause the system to hang; please use terminal ‘dummy species,’ even if your goal is a genus or family tree.
taxauri = Dependent mandatory option. URL of a taxa list online (<5MB)
taxaformat = Dependent mandatory (not yet)
clean = true Dependent optional.Strip all single-descendent nodes

outformat = Mandatory


Costs associated with phylomatic (and phylodiversity.net) are not underwritten by a grant. If you would like to contribute some funds, I would be very grateful. Bitcoin accepted ( 1MEehyeNixXTQBFecvE8bCYdXCSqTibxj6 ), or Paypal, or Flattr: Flattr this