This research group is based in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. It is led by Kyle Dexter and focuses primarily on the evolutionary ecology and biogeography of tropical trees.

We collaborate extensively with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and students regularly spend time there, particularly in the molecular laboratories and herbarium.

Most research in the group is directed towards answering fundamental questions in ecology, evolutionary biology and biogeography, although there is often an important applied component, usually related to conservation and/or the potential impacts of climate change.

The research frequently involves the integration of phylogenies with ecological data, primarily community composition and/or functional trait data. Analyses are often large in spatial and phylogenetic scale and usually involve custom script development in the R Statistical Software.

Members of the research group carry out fieldwork in both wet and dry biomes of the tropics, primarily in South America and Africa, and there is a particular interest across the group in the insights that can be gained by comparing patterns and processes across biomes and continents.

While all of our current research is empirical and centres around plants, it is theoretically motivated, and we have strong interests in theory. Kyle has also worked on birds and mammals in the past. Thus, the group is open to accepting students or post-docs who are interested in just about any stimulating topic in ecology and evolutionary biology; just contact Kyle at the email address below.


219 Crew Building, King’s Buildings

School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh EH9 3FF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 792 022 7134

Email: [email protected]