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SymmeTREE is a freely available command-line program written in C++ compiled for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. It implements several tests of differential rates of diversification that exploit information on the topological distribution of species diversity throughout entire trees to address two general questions:

  • Have the branches of a tree diversified under significantly different rates?
  • Along which branches have significant shifts in diversification rate occurred?

These explicitly model-based, whole-tree methods are robust to uncertainty in estimates of branch length/duration and can accommodate incompletely resolved trees and other forms of phylogenetic uncertainty.

Download the program bundle (includes the user guide and example data sets).

Get a QuickTime quick start with the new tutorial page.

Questions? Check out the new SymmeTREE FAQ page.

Chan, K.M.A., and B.R. Moore. 2005. SymmeTREE: Whole-tree analysis of differential diversification rates. Bioinformatics 21:1709-1710
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